Memphis Wedding Photography | Stephanie & Joshua

Stephanie and Joshua became partners for life this past weekend at Harvest Church near Memphis, TN. This was the third wedding within a year that we’ve photographed in Stephanie’s family – and we’re a little bit bummed with the realization that we might not see them for a while. Every now and again we come across a family that just naturally leads us to feel completely at home around them, and a valued part of their day. From grandma Alice to Morgan, this family is one of those. Even though I don’t know Joshua as well as Stephanie, I was powerless to stop the tears from welling up in my eyes as I photographed his reaction to Stephanie and her dad making their way down the aisle. What I saw was a man who was filled with joy, because their day was here. As a couple, they make no secret of the fact that their wedding day and their marriage is and will be strongly tied to their shared faith. Their clarity of purpose going forward as a family is admirable and inspiring. We are happy to be able to provide photos that in the future will take them back to where it all started. Here are a few from their incredible hot, and memorable day…Read More

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Elizabeth & Luke

With their smarts only surpassed by their pleasantness, Elizabeth and Luke have been a joy to know. From our first meeting back on October 7, 3013 at a Panera in St. Louis (when they were photographer shopping) to their wedding day yesterday; they have been nothing but all smiles. Both are studying Atmospheric Sciences, and yes, I’m sure will be excellent professionals after their graduate work’s completion, but I also know and trust they will be a terrific team in their marriage. Luke, I’m in agreement with Elizabeth’s dad that I’m glad you made that detour to see Elizabeth that got this whole deal started!! Elizabeth and Luke were married at the Manchester United Methodist Church and partied with the Spectrum Band at the St. Louis Woman’s Club. Here’s a quick snapshot of parts of their day…Read More