St. Louis Wedding Photography | Elizabeth & Luke

With their smarts only surpassed by their pleasantness, Elizabeth and Luke have been a joy to know. From our first meeting back on October 7, 3013 at a Panera in St. Louis (when they were photographer shopping) to their wedding day yesterday; they have been nothing but all smiles. Both are studying Atmospheric Sciences, and yes, I’m sure will be excellent professionals after their graduate work’s completion, but I also know and trust they will be a terrific team in their marriage. Luke, I’m in agreement with Elizabeth’s dad that I’m glad you made that detour to see Elizabeth that got this whole deal started!! Elizabeth and Luke were married at the Manchester United Methodist Church and partied with the Spectrum Band at the St. Louis Woman’s Club. Here’s a quick snapshot of parts of their day…Read More

Oconomowoc Wedding Photography | Jen & Nick

In sickness and in health…check! A stomach bug that would have brought Paul Bunyan to his knees wasn’t strong enough to stop Nick from marring Jen this day. No sir! Go ahead, hook up that IV, then just point me to the dance floor. Jen is the most genuine person Emma’s ever known (she was a bridesmaid in our wedding). Nick is the toughest hombre I know. You know what Nick does to stay in shape – he competes in ironman competitions and marathons. Yep, so this fierce stomach bug didn’t know who it was picking a fight with. Not only did Nick marry the love of his life, the dance moves displayed with Jen would have made the judges from Dancing with the Stars and Chuck Norris stand and applause! Here’s a small sample from their day…Read More

Greenville Wedding Photography | Monique & Adam

I can remember as if it were yesterday. Walking past Monique’s house on my way to my office and seeing her and her brother Michael playing basketball by their carport. They were around 9-11 years old at that point. We’d exchange quick friendly waves, not knowing that down the road I’d be photographing her wedding day. Like I mentioned, it was as it if were yesterday. I don’t feel like it was long before I was photographing Monique’s senior session and now, her wedding to Adam. They are high school sweethearts – their relationship is the kind that was grown and developed to stand the test of time. It was a pleasure to photograph their day…Read More

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Jess & Kristopher

New Year’s Eve wedding! Jess and Kristopher will have three things to celebrate every December 31 – Kristopher’s birthday, New Year’s Eve, and of course their wedding anniversary. When you talk with Kris, you can’t help leaving the conversation thinking, man, that’s one genuinely nice guy. When you hear all the toasts at the reception, you know it’s authentic and that these two are perfect for each other. As I left their wedding and saw the fireworks across the St. Louis skyline in my rear view mirror, I thought about how glad and privileged I was to be a part of their day. Here are a few photos…Read More

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Andrea & Aaron

December in the mid-west – could be 65 degrees or -12 degrees on any given day. Andrea and Aaron got somewhere in between with a bit of snow on their wedding day. A little snow coverage wasn’t going to stop us from getting out for a few pics though. I met Aaron and Andrea at a wedding last year and immediately recognized the authenticity in how great they treated each other and everyone around them. Great people! This was confirmed during their engagement session and was even more evident on their wedding day. What a pleasure to photograph these two and their family and friends. Looking forward to seeing them again in June for another wedding in the family!

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